Attitudes unboxed.

Unboxing Humans is a norm critical video project in which I wanted to explore the relationship between the individual and the community. The question that I wanted to ask was: How would you like to be seen by the rest of the society and how would you want to be defined? One of the main challenges that of physically disabled people has is that the society defines them through their disabilities. Having a visible attribute that doesn’t fit into the society’s idea of “normal” puts people in boxes.

The desire to be defined by your abilities, personality and capability is universal, no matter what your background, culture or socio economic situation is. We all want to be seen the way we want to be seen.

Unboxing Humans was commissioned by the Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities.

Read more about the project from Blue Wings, Issue April 2018. Exhibition toured in Finland and the video was screened on Finnair flights year 2018.

The Production

Script, direction, art direction and production by Katriina Haikala, film and edit by Timo Korpi. Video was produced in collaboration with Invalidiliitto ry.