Social Portrait – Women Only

“Social Portrait” is a long durational performance and an empowering art project where I am drawing 1000 portraits of people who identify themselves as women. “Social Portrait” embraces diversity, equality and intimate interaction in public space. The history of portraiture is male centric since portraits have been mostly painted and drawn of people who have had and still have a high status – money and power – in our society.

The experience of participating as a model in the performance creates a feeling of being elevated, seen and accepted as you are. By bringing together women all around the world the project  creates community of women who all share the same experience.

The drawing takes a form of a performance, while I am drawing I am not looking at the sketch at all – instead I look at the model intensely. I always draw two portraits of each of my models so that the model has the freedom to choose one of the portraits for herself. The other stays with me and becomes part of the collection of 1000 portraits. At the moment, after performing and drawing since 2017, I have approximately 550 portraits in my collection.

Social Portrait project has been curated and executed in collaboration with:

Social Portrait project has been curated and will be executed in collaboration with:

The Launch

Social Portrait was launched year 2017 in collaboration with Amos Andersson Museum, Helsinki Finland.

Spiral Art Centre, Tokyo