Who says you need two?

Monokini 2.0 is a world touring photography exhibition, a catwalk show and a photography project that empowers women and celebrates courage and diversity in beauty. It takes a stand on western culture’s narrow idea of women’s ideal appearance and strives to expand what is accepted to be beautiful in the female body and emphasizes that beauty lies in one’s confidence and communities’ acceptance rather than in “the perfect body”.

Mission of this project is to empower breast cancer survivors to embrace their bodies, and create social movements that help the social environments to recognize the importance of diversity.

Monokini 2.0 is a work of art – lovingly created and crafted. But instead of being finished and ready to put on the walls of museums, Monokini 2.0 is a living piece of art that continues to develop and shape on the hands of it’s creators and supporters. Monokini 2.0 will continue on its pathway of inspiring and connecting breast cancer survivors all around the world.

Monokini 2.0 was created by Tärähtäneet ämmät (2007-2017), which was an art duo that I was the other founder of. The bathing suits were designed by me and 10 other creative designers. Monokini 2.0 is a collection of 11 unique bathing suits, 11 beautiful photographs and 11 empowered women who modeled for the good cause.

The Exhibition

Monokini 2.0 photography exhibition has been touring in Finland, Sweden and Russia and it has been featured in hundreds of international media outlets from Huffington post and Upworthy to Daily Mail, Buzzfeed and Al Jazeera the magazine.

Monokini 2.0 has been funded by Kone Foundation, Norden and several private business entities.

Copyrights of the photographs:

Exhibition: Katriina Haikala, Vilma Metteri, Pinja Valja

Catwalk show: Sanna Vihervuori, Laura Mainiemi

Fashion editorial: Riitta Heiskanen, Katriina Haikala & Vilma Metteri