Advocating body positivity!

“Hate Couture” is a collection of unique garments and accessories that take a stand on western cultures narrow idea of beauty. “Hate Couture” was created to express the nonconformist, bold attitude and non-submissive courage. It takes a lot of awareness and personal bravery to fight against a commercialized idea of femininity and beauty. We are made to believe that feeling good about ourselves requires unachievable and unrealistic beauty rather than accepting and embracing our bodies the way they are. Beauty is beyond photoshopped images – it lies in the diversity shapes, colors and sizes that women and men have in their bodies.

“Hate Couture” have been exhibited i.a. in “Honkahovin kesä”, Mänttä (FI) and “Smart Design, Smart Processes”, Helsinki (FI) and in “Boutique”, Berlin (GER).

Hate Couture was created by Tärähtäneet ämmät (2007-2017), which was an art duo that I was the other founder of.