Hair as political statement.

Visible body hair is rarely seen. It is so rare that underarm hair on a celebrity becomes a news story. For the rest of us, showing it in public — even at the beach, when wearing very little — is almost a political statement in itself. Increasingly, women remove all visible body hair, including pubic hair. Body hair is a feature of the ideal body.

But it is not just the ideal body that is hairless — every body has to be hairless every day. It is the hairy body that stands out, which is deemed abnormal and unnatural, even though hair grows on our bodies every moment of our lives. As a moral philosopher, this stealthy rise of the demands of beauty concern me. The modified body is becoming the “normal” and sometimes even the “natural” body.

Hairy Underwear has been exhibited in such exhibitions as “Northern Oddities” NYC (USA), “Smart Design, Smart Processes”, Helsinki (FI) and “Design Stories”, Helsinki (FI). The Collection has been featured in several international medias such as CBC Colombia, French Liberation, Malesian Men’s Health, Opzij in Netherlands and FacesB.

The Concept

The concepts of Hate Couture and Hairy Underwear was created in collaboration with Tärähtäneet ämmät.