Katriina Haikala


Selected works.

My work emerges from norm criticism and passion to reveal prevailing power dynamics in society.

In my artistic work I explore crossovers between community and visual art, fashion, design and performance art. My work emerges from norm criticism and passion to reveal prevailing power dynamics in society. I am especially interested in the challenges women face due to gender biases and I address as well as explore the role of women in western culture and in society. I produce works together with communities with aesthetic interest and a critical eye on our social environment.

As an artist I have created, led and executed international high impact social art projects with several partners from established art institutions and NGOs to private business entities. My expertise is especially in creating innovative and socially impactful concepts, strategizing partnerships and leading multidisciplinary teams and projects. My love towards working with people can be seen from my projects in which I always engage different people, empower individuals and help communities grow.

Currently I live and work in Helsinki, Finland. I graduated from Aalto University School of art and design (Bachelor of Art) year 2016. I have been showcasing my artwork in galleries and institutions i.a. in New York City, Washington DC (USA), Tokyo (Japan), Berlin (Germany), London (UK), Oslo (Norway), Stockholm (Sweden), Puerto Plata (Dominican republic), St Petersburg and Murmansk (Russia) and several other cities.

I am a certified coach, facilitation trainer and university (Aalto University) educated educator. I’m also a member of MUU Artist Association.

I am the founding member of the art duo Tärähtäneet ämmät (2007 – 2017) and the founder of HerStrory.Community.

Featured projects

Decent Women

Lupta Femeilor – Women’s Fight

Hate Couture


Katriina Haikala | Unboxing humans preview

Unboxing Humans

Monokini 2.0

Social Portrait

Katriina Haikala | Hate Couture preview

Hairy Underwear

Katriina Haikala | Triptyykki_OskarOsmonen


Katriina Haikala | Room with a view 2