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Art of facilitation.

As a facilitator of art and expert in the art of facilitation I empower people to unleash their full potential!

I’m inspired by seeing people and organization change and grow. My ambition is to help individuals achieve their dreams and organizations understand the importance of creativity in unleashing their  employees’ potential. It’s my calling to empower employees and help leaders lead their creative teams so they can funnel ideas into innovations. I empower people through art and facilitation methods, training and coaching. As a coach and trainer, I successfully led several organizational development projects within Finnish and Nordic companies.

My interest in empowering and unleashing the full potential of employees has led me to partnerships where I’ve coached C-level executives, sales people, project and team leaders and creative teams. My group training and one-on-one coaching sessions are based on my deep understanding of facilitation methods, creativity, group processes and how they can be applied to change management, leadership and innovation. I’ve designed and led hundreds of workshops around creating new ideas, strategies, visions, and helped organizations implement these elements.  

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As a pedagog and lecturer at Aalto University I’ve been highly regarded by my students for the past 7 years.  I’m have also mentored students at the Art University of Helsinki,  Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and Turku School of Applied Sciences.

My fondness for lecturing fuels my passion for public speaking and I’ve had several speaking engagements for PechaKuchas in Finland and abroad. The most inspiring public speaking event I attended, as a speaker, has been the WOW – Women of the World in Southbank Center in London.

Examples of clients in organizational development projects and training programs: Senaatti-kiinteistöt, Business Gallery, Kasvuhuone, LevelUp Accelerator, Ensto, and Nordea Finland.

If you find what I do compelling, contact me and we can talk more about how I can help you become a better leader for your team, increase your team’s creativity and empower you and your employees to achieve set goals.
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