Socially Engaged,

Empowering Art.

My True Passion.

I get my kick out of destroying status quos, questioning old systems and manifesting free thought.

Being an artist with social dimension in ones work requires the passion to inspire, creativity to experiment, vision to imagine, and the courage and compassion to empower others. Most of all it requires openness and fearlessness to be in an open dialog with people.

I believe that the art – as everything else in the society as well – is an inherently political space. Therefore I want to create art work to affect positive change in our society. The power of art as a way to concretize abstractions allows it to illuminate, reconstruct and reinvent our world.

My endless interest in human beings, communities and transformation can be seen in my work. I always produce my art work together with people and communities with aesthetic interest and a critical eye on our social environment. I believe that change can happen when people are engaged and given the opportunity to experiences rather than keeping the audience in the distance.

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Katriina Haikala Curriculum Vitae

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