Decent Women is a collaboration of two artists; Katriina Haikala and dance artists Hanna-Maija Pääkkönen. Both women, feminists, mothers and entrepreneurs who explore the space allowed for women in the society within the very narrow concept of ‘decency’.

The artists map out the space where women are seen as  ‘decent’ and therefore accepted and valued in society. The interplay of dance and drawing brings to light the rules, contradictions and restrictions imposed on women, underlined by questions of power and agency.

The “Decent Women” performance premiered in Gallery Forum Box Helsinki, Finland in September 2021.

Video is demo of a VR video. Film and Edit by Pinja Valja, 2021.

Photos by Martina Näreharju, 2020.

Rhythm 1.0

Rhythm 1.0 is an hommage to Marina Abramovic. It investigates the the relation between the performer and the audience. It also asks the question of how far can the audience that we have in social media go?

Katriina Haikala Curriculum Vitae

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